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About Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - New Information!

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Keep Faith
Thank you for the informative article! I've suffered with this for nearly 10 years. In he beginning, I quesioned myself, as many people did! Of course, I know now I wasn't lazy, I was ill. I truly hope these findings lead to treatment!
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Thank you for this. I am 29 and have suffered from what the Doctors say is this.  It is so nice to see someone that actually believes it does exist.  I wonder if I will ever wake up and feel good and motivated to start a new day.  I get sick so easily and its a real downer on the self esteem.  After reading this Im going to do some more reading on the topic as Ive never really educated myself other than what my Dr. has told me.  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

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Thank you for the update Emil about this!!!

I knew of someone long ago was the secretary for my ex homeopathic dr. who came down with it and nothing helped her. She had to go on disability at age of 32.


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